You only get one life

How are you going to live yours?

Work with me

Ready to feel full of energy & confident in your body?

Tired of running through life & never finding time for yourself?

Ready to detox from sugar and get your energy back?


Not only CAN you have all of this, but you DESERVE it! 

Sometimes all you need is a little guidance & someone to help you cut through the piles of information. I will help you set goals, break them down into manageable steps, & keep you accountable when you need it the most. Working with me, through any of my packages, will make you feel like a healthy superstar in no time!

You will discover many benefits such as:


  • Increased energy & vitality (coffee not needed!)
  • Confidence making healthy choices when it comes to food
  • Finding your inner strength & motivation (you’ve got this!)
  • Reconnect your mind, body, & spirit to live a balanced & happy life
  • Understand what you’re eating & how it affects your health
  • Discover your food intolerances & how to manage them easily
  • Feel excited to get back in the kitchen
  • Discover how a healthy lifestyle will allow your body to return to its natural weight

“After struggling to find balance in my life from being a full time student, I turned to Danielle. Danielle has supplied me with strategies on how to achieve balance in my life, which has laid a solid foundation for my health and wellness journey. Danielle has given me creative tools on how to plan ahead, manage my stress, and how to make healthier choices that benefit my body, mind, and soul.

Thanks to Danielle, I am on the path to becoming my best self!”


Kamloops, BC

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Whenever you want. Wherever you want. 

No need to get dressed up, organize childcare, find parking, or sit awkwardly in a stuffy office. I work in a different type of office…some people call it the internet.

It is a wonderful place where we can connect without the hassle of leaving our homes. So pull up your favourite chair, lock the kids in their rooms, & let’s get started! We can use Skype, Google Hangout, Facetime, or anything else you want.

I'm ready if you are!

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